As with many writers, my desire to write fiction took a back seat to life and making a living till the kid were grown and I had time to think.

My first serious attempt at a novel fell short of my expectations and sits unpublished in a drawer.

For a number of reasons, I flirted with screenwriting for a few years and eventually wrote four screenplays:
Red Sky (a drama about two middle-aged people who are disillusioned with their lives and want a do-over) OMG!  My Boyfriend's a Secret Agent! (a farce/romantic-comedy and my wife's favorite) Gorilla's in the Bisque (a comedy/fantasy about a young man who comes to realize that his only real passion in life is to be a gorilla) and last but not least, My Favorite Vacation -- which eventually became Nice Woody and led to the Margie Murder Mystery series.

I eventually paused in my efforts to consider what I knew about screenwriting and my prospects for success.  I'd learned two very important things: 1) that breaking into screenwriting was iffy at best, and 2) it was hard to pitch your screenplays to producers in California when you lived in Minnesota. 

Which brought me back to long fiction.

Since my characters for Margie's Murder Mysteries (Margie and Joe) often kept me awake at night with their antics it seemed only natural to focus on them. Thus
Dropped Dead in Kona was born.  It found some local acclaim and sold pretty well, so I wrote An Invitation to Murder which was followed by Nice Woody which will be followed by...

Gerry lives and writes in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and two Yorkshire terriers.  Most winters he escapes to sunny Kona You can send email to but don't expect a quick answer; he's very busy working on the next Margie Murder Mystery!

No, this isn't Hawaii.  But I like the photo. It's Sedona, Arizona.