"Delightful... Dropped Dead in Kona is a delightful, fast-paced murder mystery with many laugh-out-loud moments. The bumbling misadventures of the charming Margie and Joe, a couple of silly-in-love adults, who keep stumbling into and over dead bodies with mischievous good humor, has already got me looking forward to the next book!"
-- Pamela (5 stars)

  "Gerry Stimmler brings a sleuthing couple to life in his mystery novel, "Dropped Dead in Kona."  Filled with enough local details to keep West Hawaii readers watching for mentions of their favorite spots, the book moves quickly from introduction to pursuit of a murderer. "

  "The characters are lovable, approachable, funny and annoying.  Sometimes I wanted to slap the characters and say, 'Hey! There's a murder to solve here, people!'"
Elmer Pierre, COMMON GOOD BOOKS, G. Keillor, prop.

Reviews for Dropped Dead in Kona
   "Joe and Margie are reminiscent of the quick-witted Nick and Nora Charles of 'The Thin Man' books and movies…their friends, Amanda and Pete, are akin to Fred and Ethel Mertz of the old 'I Love Lucy' TV series.  Imagine 'I Love Lucy' and 'Hawaii Five-0' combined with 'The Thin Man,' and you get an idea of the tenor of the book."
Bill Stieger, VILLAGER

"Every so often, I read a self-published book so good I hope the author finds a bright future. That's what happened when I read "Dropped Dead in Kona," first in a series featuring an endearing married couple who live in Hawaii. "The book begins when Joe and Margie stumble on a woman's dead body lying on a fairway adjacent to their home. Joe doesn't want to get involved, but Margie is itching to investigate. The holidays are approaching, and soon the couple's house is crowded with Margie's bickering parents, a girlfriend of the murder suspect and various other folks. Joe's an affable guy, but his patience is strained when he has to retreat to his shower to get some peace and privacy while Margie focuses on sleuthing. Joe's only confidante is his oversized Yorkshire terrier, Magoo."Stimmler is such a natural writer it's hard to believe this is his first book. The dialogue is snappy and believable and the plot zips along. Joe and Margie, who's the sleuth, are still in love in middle age and they will make you laugh."

Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul PIONEER PRESS